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Reality Homes
Reality Homes

Reality Homes trusted House and Land Developers

We are a development, building and property services brand committed to the long-term future of client investment decisions. Our vision is to be a trusted partner in the building environment leaving a positive legacy for the communities in which we work and live. We believe that business can be a powerful source for good. Its our dream to make it a success. At Reality Homes, we develop, create and sell. We specialize in finding the best available land to compliment your dream home considering future investment gains.

Our organizational structure comprise of individuals skills developed over the years and remains ideally suited to achieve the ultimate aim of customer satisfaction. Our clients can have the confidence that directors and senior management within the company are involved with the day to day operations of all aspects of our projects. We advocate an open approach to the management of projects and believe in delivering to the highest quality. Our project policies and procedures are backed by industry accreditation

Lastly our aim is to be a trusted partner and to achieve core values of performance, intelligence, teamwork, integrity and, in particular, respect for people and communities. 

Reality Homes


Take a seat and let us help you find the best available land for your dream home!

Our dedicated team specializes in the development of
house and land packages with a client focused approach.
Reach out to us today… we are only a phone call away!

Reality Homes